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I work hard to give all my customers an incredible tour experience. Check out some of their comments below and feel free to leave your own feedback for me so I can continue improving my services and tour offerings.


On 1st August, 2021, we reached the summit of Kang Yatse IV ( 6130m) to make its first documented ascent. But the weather was bad and visibility extremely poor when we got to the top. We decided to take our chances and wait for the weather to clear. And after waiting for two long hours ( yes, 2 hours on the summit and it is not recommended) the clouds parted and we were granted views of the surrounding in sections. This is the photo of one such special section where one can see Kang Yatse I (and II's) west face. Our patiece finally paid off. No wonder we were smiling. A fantastic summit moment shared with Wangial Kaya and captured by brother Sonam Yangjor

Anindya Mukherjee Raja

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